PowerShell and SQL

Presented online Sept 28, 2016 to the PASS DBA VIRTUAL CHAPTER

Scripts and notes available in this dropbox folder.

We will present Part 2 on March 8, Noon Eastern

Here’s the abstract  for part 2:
In part 1, we explored the basics of PowerShell, and just scratched the surface of applying PowerShell to DBA tasks. In this second session we’ll use PowerShell to explore the SQL Management Objects (SMO) and walk through example scripts to work with SQL Server to perform common SQL functions. We will also explore freely available PowerShell modules & scripts from both Microsoft and the SQL community that leverage SMO into powerful tools to make the DBA’s life easier.

Resources for PowerShell Basics
Resources for PowerShell and SQL
Previous Presentations on this topic

Look here to find scripts, notes and resources for my presentation on PowerShell and SQL for South Florida CodeCamp 2016.

I presented with SQL 2014 and PowerShell 5 on Windows 10 Professional. PowerShell scripts and resources  in this dropbox folder.