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  1. Student from class 6231B. Please add a link to top SQL sites\blogs that you have found beneficial to managing\scripting. One stop shopping for SQL giants. Thanks

  2. In a high availability scenario can we mirror two SQL 2008 database servers and use the secondary server for other SQL Server instances that get log shipping from the primary server’s databases that are mirrored?

    1. Brad,
      I should ask if you want a general introduction or have a particular problem to solve. As far as a book, well….
      I learned about replication online, there are really good resources out there. The best?
      I’ve learned more from this website than any other source.
      Also The Microsoft SQL Escalation Team has an awesome blog, really good focus on troubleshooting and understanding errors:
      If I stop at 3 resources, I’d need to include SQLBits. Click on the ‘Content’ link on the left, then search for replication. Or ANYTHING SQL related.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I was looking for a good overall book on SQL Server 2008 R2 that had the best information about replication. I have a book called Profession Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration by WROX publishing that has a decent section on it. It is kind of out of date though. I believe you are right though I have found the websites to be much more targeted and up to date on the subject. Thanks for the links.

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