Ignite 2015 in Chicago! Keeping track of sessions in Google calendar

I’m lucky and honored to be volunteering this year with the Hand On Labs team here at Ignite 2015 in Chicago. Hope to blog about the amazing lab environment in a future post.

I’m catching as many sessions as I can, and wanted to import my Ignite schedule into Google calendar on my phone. The kind folks at Ignite provided a help document for exporting the My Ignite schedule into various calendars, but the steps for Google Calendar were not clear to me, so perhaps this will help someone else attending Ignite this year.

1.Log into your My Ignite site. Click on My Schedule.

2.Right-Click the Export Calendar link, and copy the URL.
Ignite schedule to google calendar, step 1

3.Paste it into notepad, and replace webcal with https. Copy to clipboard again.

Ignite schedule to google calendar, step 2

4. Open Google Calendar, click the triangle by ‘Other calendars’ and choose Add by URL.Paste the link there, and click Add to Calendar button.
Ignite schedule to google calendar, step 3

5. Events imported, though I’m not sure how I’ll attend 5 sessions at one time…

Ignite schedule to google calendar, step 4

Let me know if this helped you, and enjoy the conference!

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